Envision Medical Group’s 

COVID-19 coronavirus Hotline

(248) 715-2366

Your doctors and the Envision Medical Group are actively monitoring the COVID-19 coronavirus.  The health and safety of you and your family is our foremost concern.   While you are encouraged to call your doctor’s office; for those of you worried that you may have been exposed to the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have established a Hotline for you to call. To assist you, medically trained personnel will be available to ask you questions and listen to your concerns.

PLEASE CALL THE ENVISION COVID-19 Coronavirus HOTLINE at (248) 715-2366

NOTE: You may also contact your doctor’s office to schedule a telehealth visit, if you prefer.

Patients with symptoms of respiratory illness including fever, cough and shortness of breath are considered at risk.

If you feel your symptoms are worsening or are life threatening, please go to the nearest Emergency Room. 

Operators are staffed during business hours of 8-5pm M-F.   If you are not able to get through,  please be patient, keep trying, or call your doctor’s office.

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